Friday, April 1, 2011


REGGIE - You Can't Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future - by Reggie Dabbs with John Driver is an inspirational look at one man's life.

I don't have to know your name to know your pain...
I don't have to see your home to know your shame...
I have my own.
But somebody loved me just the way I am,
and somebody loves you just the way you are

This mantra is the focus of the book: God's undying love for us as individuals. Reggie Dabbs is a motivational speaker who shares his story. He discovers that he is adopted when he was in the second grade. His birth mother's actions were a difficult struggle for Reggie. This book is about how he learns to accept himself and overcome the obstacles that faced him throughout his life.

The book is very enjoyable to read. It is easy to identify with the author. It could have been you telling the story. The way he intertwines pop culture and God puts learning valuable lessons within reach for all of us, especially young people. His sense oh humor keeps you wanting to read more. The book seems to me to be a great resource for youth bible study groups. I give this book 4 stars.

I received REGGIE - You Can't Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Futuree by Reggie Dabbs with John Driver by Booksneeze to review and give my honest opinion of this book.

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