Getting to Know Me

Hi everyone. My name is Monica. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have 4 grown children who have families of their own with 6 wonderful grandchildren who keep me young.

All 3 of my sons are military. YEAH to all the military families out there. My oldest son has done a tour in Iraq and came home safe. My middle boy leaves in June 2011 for his tour of duty. And still unknown if my youngest son will deploy. My daughter is the youngest and we are very good friends.

My interests are varied. I have always been a crafter. Over 20 years ago, I did craft shows under A Mother's Touch. The name has always held something special for me. I still craft any time I have the chance. I scrapbook, recycle, sew, crochet, and many others. My other interests include photography, reading, camping, and generally anything that keeps me active.

I lost someone very special to me at the end of the year. My wonderful sister and best friend, Jo. She was only 43. Her body had to deal with so many hardships because of Type 1 diabetes diagnosed at 13 ears of age. Her heart finally gave out. I decided to maintain this blog for my own personal therapy. I started it a couple of years ago and had exactly that many posts. So in January 2011, I decided to run with it.

Along with Jo, my family has been hit very hard with diabetes. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 at 14 years of age and my grand daughter at 2 years of age.

I have always lived by the mantra "It's who you know" and "It's good to be a girl!" Lucky for you, my readers, I'm a girl and you now know a little something about me!

I will update the "About Me" page every so often. So please check back.