Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Apple A Day Review

Have you ever stopped to think where Grandma got her little words of wisdom? An Apple A Day by Caroline Taggart answers that question. She points out many of the most common old fashioned proverbs and explains their origins.

The book is a quick read. But be aware, it really isn't for curling up with and getting lost in the story. The book is written as a references book, so it lacks the depth of a novel. I enjoy how Taggart sorts the proverbs alphabetically. It enables you to find the meaning of that saying that is special to you.

I have read several of Caroline Taggart's books. They are fun and whimsical and great sources of trivia. Her books make wonderful gifts for men and women alike. I give this book 4 stars.

*I received this book from FSB Media free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: Readers Digest (March 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781606521915
ISBN-13: 978-1606521915

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jolt: Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing Review

Jolt: Get the Jump on a World That's Constantly Changing by Phil Cooke is a book that helps us take control of our ever changing lives. The book addresses both our personal and professional lives.

Phil Cooke breaks our lives into 5 basic sections: your direction, your priorities, your potential, your heart, and your future. Within each section, he provides the tools enabling us to embrace the changes that constantly appear in our paths, and make them positive rather than negative influences.

At times, his writing left me feeling like here is another successful guy with all the answers telling me how to do it better. I did gain appreciation for his book by the end although I didn't always agree with the interpretations of some of his senarios.

All in all, it was an enjoyable book and offered some powerful insight. Phil Cooke is a very charismatic individual. I would give this book 3 stars.

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Product Details
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (April 19, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781595553249
ISBN-13: 978-1595553249
ASIN: 159555324X
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.1 x 1 inches
Shipping Weight: 12 ounces

Love Food & Live Well Review

Love Food and Live Well by Chantel Hobbss is an inspirational, if not original diet book. Hobbs has written 2 other books about losing weight (over 200 pounds) and keeping it off.

The key point to this book is Hobb's 80/20 rule. 80% of the food we choose should be based on providing our bodies with the maximum fuel needed to maintain good health. The other 20% of the time, we should allow ourselves to indulge in the foods we really enjoy.

The key to losing weight is not a new concept. It is to eat less and move more. Chantel Hobbs does a better job at delivering the message. Her sense of humor and down to earth attitude makes you appreciate and relate to the messenger with a better attitude. I give this book 4 stars.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: WaterBrook Press; 1 edition (December 14, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9780307457844
ISBN-13: 978-0307457844
ASIN: 0307457842
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 0.9 inches
Shipping Weight: 14.4 ounces

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Final Summit Review

The Final Sumit by Andy Andrews was a book I couldn't put down. It was my first read by Andrews and now I am interested in reading more of his work. Although this is a sequel, The Final Summit is a stand alone book.

The story grips you and doesn't let go. Andrews makes you feel like you are living the story. He is a very inspiring and gifted writer. I enjoyed the reader's guide as well. When addressing the guide along with the story, one becomes keenly aware of how our decisions affect more than just yourself.

I give this book 5 stars. I highly recommend reading this story. You will not be disappointed.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

The Bamboo Girl Review

The Bamboo Girl by Hoa X Nguy is a book that I had a difficult time reading. I thought it would be a wonderful story about a princess to tell my grand daughter.

The story is very difficult to keep in perspective. It is a story for the young reader, but some of the phrases are more adult in content. And at other times, it's like the words are trying to hard to explain the story as if being told to a child. The inconsistencies made it very difficult to read. The layout of the book was difficult as well. The pages had so much going on in the way of background, that adding a half a page of words created a headache for the eyes.

All in all, I believe The Bamboo Girl to be a sweet story. It would be better if the target audience was decided. I would give this book 2 stars.
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Foster Child Review

Foster Child - Finding the courage to succeed... by Dennis Harris is a hard hitting story about success despite beginnings in the foster system. This is Dennis Harris' life. He speaks about the foster system from personal experience.

When Dennis Harris was 5 years old, he was put into an orphanage in Washington D.C. by his mother. He was abandoned by his entire family. Harris lived with a foster family till he became of age and was forced to make it on his own because he was no longer a financial reward.

His story goes along all of the stereotypes that we envision from a boy in the system. He made his way to drugs and trouble. But this is an inspiring story of a man who succeeded despite his roots. He found a good woman who stood by him. I find his story inspirational because of his honesty. He is open about his fears and his failures as well as his successes.

Dennis Harris stands as a positive role model for anyone. Something he said really struck a nerve for me. "Foster care shaped who I am... It was the single biggest impact on my life." Too many people blame their parents or their past. Harris shows that we all have the ability to overcome our past.

I give this book 4 stars. I received this book for the purpose of writing my honest review.

Product Details
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: (December 16, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781450275705
ISBN-13: 978-1450275705
ASIN: 1450275702
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yoga for Emotional Balance

Yoga for Emotional Balance by Bo Forbes was an insightful book. I have never taken yoga.I have actually cast humor at yoga. This book actually changed my mind.

The author actually goes into the physiology of the human mind. The book is broken down into 2 parts. The first part is the path to emotional balance. It is broken down into 5 sections. Each section goes into the whys and why nots of anxiety and depression and how to transform that energy into healing energy. After the explanations and teachings in each section, the author includes both breathing and body exercises to make you fully aware of the previous content.

The second part goes into the actual healing part of the book. Now that you know how anxiety and depression effect your body, it is time to assess your emotional type. Each emotional type, and there are 4, each require different poses and practices to achieve success. In this part, the poses are explained in detail for maximum effectiveness. Pictures are included of the poses for those who are more visual.

I recommend this book for the first time yoga student. It changed my outlook and it could change yours. I give this book 4 stars.

Title: Yoga for Emotional Balance
SubTitle: Simple Practices to Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression
Publisher: Shambhala
Pub Date: 03/08/2011
ISBN: 9781590307601

An Atlas of Impossible Longing

An Atlas of Impossible Longing by Anuradha Roy was appropriately named. I was longing for something with this book.

Please do not get me wrong. This is not a bad book. I was unable to become absorbed with the story. Roy is an incredible writer. She has a wonderful way of drawing the scenery with her words. However, I found it difficult to relate to the characters in the book. The characters of Nirmal and Shanti were the ones I found most interesting, but their story was too short. The overall sadness to the book also made it difficult to keep my interest. With so much misery within these characters, I found it difficult for me to stay with the book for any real length of time. This could have influenced my lack of real understanding for the story plot.

I would give this book 3 1/2 stars. The book has wonderful attributes. It just wasn't to my liking.

A complimentary copy of An Atlas of Impossible Longing was provided to me by the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are mine alone.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Petals of Love

Petals of Love by Bernadette Callaghan-Joseph is a wonderful story from the mystical land of Judith. I hope there will be more to come.

Little girls will love the story because the characters are fairies. Younger boys will be enticed, but by the age of 6, there better be some action to keep their attention. The fairies are trying to show a token of love, but become insecure about their gift. The moral of this story is that love is the greatest gift.

I loved the book as did my grand daughters. My grandsons...well, refer back to the action comment. It teaches a valuable lesson of love, thoughtfulness, and caring. I give this book 5 stars.

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REGGIE - You Can't Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Future - by Reggie Dabbs with John Driver is an inspirational look at one man's life.

I don't have to know your name to know your pain...
I don't have to see your home to know your shame...
I have my own.
But somebody loved me just the way I am,
and somebody loves you just the way you are

This mantra is the focus of the book: God's undying love for us as individuals. Reggie Dabbs is a motivational speaker who shares his story. He discovers that he is adopted when he was in the second grade. His birth mother's actions were a difficult struggle for Reggie. This book is about how he learns to accept himself and overcome the obstacles that faced him throughout his life.

The book is very enjoyable to read. It is easy to identify with the author. It could have been you telling the story. The way he intertwines pop culture and God puts learning valuable lessons within reach for all of us, especially young people. His sense oh humor keeps you wanting to read more. The book seems to me to be a great resource for youth bible study groups. I give this book 4 stars.

I received REGGIE - You Can't Change Your Past, But You Can Change Your Futuree by Reggie Dabbs with John Driver by Booksneeze to review and give my honest opinion of this book.

The Blessing of Adversity

The Blessing of Adversity - Finding your God-given purpose in life's troubles by Barry C. Black is a truly inspiring masterpiece. In his book, Black discusses the trials and
tribulations of his lifetime and shares how he relied on Godly principles to deal with those situations.

The book is divided into three sections:

* Mastering the Basics
* Avoiding the Sources of Trouble
* Turning Your Adversity into Advantage

Each section is broke into relative chapters. And each chapter ends with an action plan. Black gives us strong techniques and scripture to support us through our difficult times.
The book is very easy to read. With today's busy lifestyle, we can pick the book up and read small sections at a time and not lose the momentum of the book's purpose. I find the book to be a useful handbook in dealing with everyday, not just the bad days. I give The Blessing of Adversity 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation.